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Blu Light Glasses is a cutting-edge eyewear company specializing in blue light glasses. Committed to promoting digital wellness, their stylish and functional glasses are designed to mitigate the adverse effects of prolonged screen exposure. Whether you’re working long hours on a computer, binge-watching your favorite shows, or immersed in digital activities, Blu Light Glasses provides a fashionable solution to protect your eyes and enhance overall visual comfort. Elevate your screen time experience with their premium quality blue light glasses, crafted for modern individuals seeking a perfect blend of style and eye protection



Tasked with elevating the online presence of Blu Light Glasses, our mission included a comprehensive redesign of their website. Focused on showcasing their premium blue light glasses, the new design seamlessly combines style and functionality to enhance the user experience. We integrated a live chat function to provide instant customer support, fostering engagement and satisfaction.

Simultaneously, our team revamped their Google Ads strategy, optimizing campaigns to reach a wider audience and drive targeted traffic to the redesigned site. The goal was not just a visually appealing platform but a strategic digital space that effectively communicates the brand’s commitment to digital wellness while ensuring a seamless and interactive journey for visitors.



Following the redesign of Blu Light Glasses’ website, the outcome is a visually compelling and user-friendly platform that effectively showcases their premium blue light glasses. The integration of a live chat function enhances customer engagement and provides immediate support.

In parallel, the revamped Google Ads strategy has proven successful, driving an increase in traffic of 78% traffic to the redesigned site. This outcome ensures that Blu Light Glasses not only presents a stylish and functional product line but also reaches a broader audience through strategic digital marketing efforts. The combined efforts result in an elevated online presence, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to digital wellness and delivering a seamless user experience.